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Photo Tours In The Danube Delta

The Danube Delta of Romania - a unique region in Europe - where one still may find, at least in certain places, untouched wild nature, unaltered by civilization. UNESCO site since 1996 and "Landscape Of The Year 2007 - 2009", the Danube Delta is THE PLACE where you go once to remain with the desire to return. Spring and autumn are excellent for photographers - weather is not too warm, birds and other animals may be seen everywhere, even if these are not always easy to photograph. And evening may reveal beautiful landscapes in sunset warm light. Sunset is almost always a show in the Danube Delta.

The Danube Delta is Europe’s true Birdparadise. Here you may photograph lots of wild birds, in their natural habitat: the white pelican, the dalmatian pelican, the mute swan, more types of herons (grey heron, purple heron, squacco heron, black-crowned night heron, eurasian spoonbill), storks, little egret and great egret, wild ducks, wild geese, cormorants (3 types), grebes (great crested grebe, red-necked grebe, black-necked grebe, little grebe), gulls, the intelligent terns, coots, black-winged stilts, wagtails, european rollers, northern lapwings and, with some luck, the superb kingfisher. Count on traveling by fishermen boat through marvelous landscapes, fields of white and yellow water lilies and lipovan fishermen at their daily work.

Come with us in a photo tour in the Danube Delta and, with some luck, you may return home with unbelievable pictures.

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Rental Service For Photographic Equipment

fpix offers rental services for photographic equipment, Canon system. We have lenses with medium to long focal length, "L" class, aswell as some accessories for macro work. Rental service is available for the participants to fpix photo tours and minitours.
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